Sports Medicine


How Sleeping Disorders Can Affect Your Performance in Sports

An average adult needs 7-9 hours of sleep to stay healthy and perform their best at work. Whether you’re a professional athlete or an amateur, you need enough sleep to give good performance in the field. However, research shows that one in every four athletes suffers from a sleep disorder. Here are the most common sleep disorders experienced by athletes:

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Exercising During The Summer Time: How To Keep Cool

There are risks when it comes to exercising in the hot weather and in Texas that means you need to be aware of the risks starting in June. As we approach summer, it is important to think about preventing dehydration and heat-related illnesses. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), about 300 Americans die every year of heat-related illnesses.

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The Differences Between Physical and Occupational Therapy

If you’ve been told that you may need therapy to facilitate your recovery from an illness, injury or surgery, you might be wondering what kind of therapy you need. In general, there are two kinds of therapy available, physical and occupational therapy. Around the time of World War I, both types of therapy were referred to as reconstructive aides, with

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Ortho Care for Winter Sports

Every year, thousands and thousands of people end up seeking treatment for sports-related injuries. It’s been said that there’s a sport for every season and an injury for every sport. And that certainly rings true as it relates to injuries that are the result of people participating in winter sports. In other parts of the country where colder temperatures and

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Treating Running Injuries with Sports Medicine

Whether you’re a professional runner or you do it to get physical exercise, you may have experienced sports injuries in the past. Although running is good for your health, it applies stress on your lower body. If your muscles are weak, you may end up feeling extreme pain. Sports-related injuries negatively impact your performance and tend to affect your lifestyle.

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How Orthopedic Sports Medicine Can Change Your Life for the Better

Professional and amateur athletes tend to suffer from sports-related injuries quite often. An effective way to treat these injuries is to go for orthopedic sports medicine rehabilitation. While sports-related injuries may be a part and parcel of your career, if you don’t seek professional help within the right time frame, you can quite possibly put your career as an athlete

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