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Methodist McKinney Hospital provides patients with high-quality, personalized medical care. If you have any questions or concerns, our expert medical providers will address those with you directly. We make sure every patient feels comfortable and confident in their treatment options.

While the information on this page serves as a helpful guide, always listen to the professional expertise of your doctor or nurse in the case of conflicting information.

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Surgery Patient Information

Before Your Surgery

Before coming in for your surgery, our medical staff and anesthesia provider will review your medical history. Please anticipate some overlap between questions.

You must complete registration paperwork before your surgery. A staff member will communicate details to you. Please bring the following items:

  • Insurance ID card(s)
  • Driver’s license OR state-issued photo ID card
  • Physician order forms
  • Payment for insurance co-pay (if applicable)

Adhere to any preparation and/or dietary restrictions that the physician’s office communicated to you. Your appointment might be rescheduled if not all instructions are followed carefully.

Additional Surgery Information

1. Don’t consume any food or drink—including water—after midnight prior to the day of your surgery. You may take cardiac and respiratory medications the morning of surgery with minimal water.

2. Don’t chew gum, eat breath mints or hard candies, or smoke after midnight the night before your surgery.

3. We’ll provide instructions regarding your arrival time, usually between one to two hours in advance—depending on the surgery type. If you’re unsure of arrival time, contact our medical staff.

4. All patients must have a legal driver to escort them home following surgery. Failure to arrive with a driver may result in surgery cancellation.

5. We’ll provide gowns and basic toiletry items for overnight inpatient procedures, but we encourage patients to bring any personal items that will make their stay more comfortable.

6. Patients may bathe prior to surgery but should limit the use of hairspray, makeup, and body lotion. Nail polish isn’t permitted.

7. Leave any valuables at home.

8. Patients should wear glasses instead of contact lenses. Patients who wear contacts should bring the necessary supplies to store them during surgery.

9. Women of childbearing age should expect to do a urine pregnancy test prior to the procedure.

10. The anesthesia provider will communicate any home medications that should or should not be taken prior to surgery.

Outpatient Recovery

After surgery, patients are moved to a recovery room and monitored closely by our medical experts until time for discharge. Discomfort in the area where surgery was performed is normal. Depending on the type of anesthesia used, patients may experience drowsiness or dizziness.

After waking from surgery, a nurse will let the patient’s family know that they can move to the recovery area until time for discharge. Most patients are discharged one to three hours after surgery, but this may vary. Remember to have a driver pick you up and take you home after recovery.

Inpatient Recovery

Surgical patients who need to stay at our facility overnight will recover in a private room. Family members may join patients in their private rooms.

Inpatient Physical Therapy

We offer three kinds of treatment for patients who need physical therapy after their procedure:

  • Functional Mobility Retraining: Teaches proper and safe functional mobility while emphasizing how to minimize the risk of falls and re-injury
  • Orthopedic Rehabilitation: Evaluates and treats all types of orthopedic conditions and surgeries; focuses on either intense training or proper mobility and exercises to restore normal range of motion, strength, and mobility
  • Wound Care: Creates a clean wound healing environment while identifying and eliminating complications that would delay proper healing

Visitor Information

Visiting Hours

Any family members and friends of patients are welcome to visit our facility during visiting hours. Please contact our office staff at (9720 569-2700 to ask about visiting hours. To make your stay more comfortable, we have complimentary coffee, TVs, and Wi-Fi in our waiting room.

Family members and friends of patients undergoing a same-day procedure should wait until after recovery to drive them home.


Our on-site café is open Monday-Friday from 7 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. It features gourmet breakfast and lunch entrées, grab-and-go items (i.e. sandwiches, salads, parfaits), and Starbucks coffee products.

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