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Intuitive’s da Vinci Robot

The da Vinci Xi® performs minimally invasive surgeries in various specialties—including General, Gynecologic, and Urologic surgeries. During a procedure, the surgeon guides the da Vinci Robot’s movements by controlling it from a console. Surgeons can customize the settings to fit their particular needs for every surgery. This advanced robotic-assisted surgical device provides surgeons with greater visualization, precision, and dexterity than competing technologies and enables them to achieve high success rates.

rosa knee robot

ROSA® Knee Total Joint Replacement

ROSA® Knee is a robotically-assisted surgical system designed to help perform total knee replacement surgery. With it, surgeons are able to perform bone resections and examine soft tissue to facilitate implant positioning intraoperatively. The system provides data to help our doctors control surgical instruments and make complex decisions. This feature allows surgeons to be more precise and flexible when performing procedures.

Stryker’s Mako Robot

The Mako™ Robotic-Arm Assisted Surgery is designed to perform Hip, Knee, and Partial Knee Replacement surgeries. This robotic system creates a 3D model of joints and enables surgeons to develop a customized procedural plan for every patient. With this cutting-edge technology, our skilled surgeons receive real-time visual, tactile, and auditory feedback mid-operation—enabling them to facilitate optimal joint resurfacing and implant positioning.

mako robotic arm

Medtronic’s StealthStation™ S8 Surgical Navigation System

Methodist McKinney Hospital’s StealthStation™ S8 Surgical Navigation System assists our doctors during Neurosurgery and Spine Procedures. Before operating, surgeons can pre-set the navigation system to follow a specific path during surgery. Surgeons then can save previously used settings for the next surgery of the same kind—saving them valuable time. This navigation system increases the visibility of the operating area and streamlines the surgical process.


Acclarent’s TruDi Navigation System

The TruDi Navigation System is an ENT (Ear, Nose, & Throat) image guidance platform that provides 3D images to help surgeons get a full picture of the surgical area during any given procedure. This technology features planning points and beacons, TruView, Fast Anatomical Mapping, TruMerge™, TruPACS™, TruSeg™, and TruPath™ capabilities. The TruDi Navigation System makes surgery easier to navigate and increases overall accuracy.

TruDi Navigation_0
Inspire’s Sleep Apnea Innovation

Inspire’s Sleep Apnea Innovation

Inspire’s cutting-edge Sleep Apnea Innovation is an amazing new implant technology that solves sleep apnea without requiring users to wear a mask. Methodist McKinney Hospital is proud to be an early adopter of this non-robotic technology. A doctor will place the implant in you during a same-day, outpatient procedure. All you have to do is press the “on” button, go to sleep, and the technology will do the rest. Get ready to finally have a full night’s rest again with the Sleep Apnea Innovation.

Microsoft’s Hololens 3D AR Glasses

Our surgeons use Microsoft’s Hololens 3D AR Glasses to perform Augmented Reality Shoulder Replacement Surgery. This technology—which features hand tracking, built-in voice commands, eye tracking, spatial mapping, and a large field of view—provides surgeons with an in-depth, 3D view of whatever objects they choose. Surgeons can use these AR glasses to collaborate with colleagues across the globe to work together on 3D holographic images. This innovative technology allows for more precise and accurate hands-free surgical work.


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