Myringotomy & Tube Insertion

Ear infections occur when fluid accumulates in the eardrum, which causes pain and even hearing loss. Myringotomy is a common treatment for ear infections, particularly in children who are one to three years old. These young children often suffer from chronic ear infections because their eustachian tubes—the canal system between the ear and the throat—are smaller, making them more susceptible to fluid buildup

If your child suffers from chronic ear infections, a myringotomy and tube insertion procedure can provide the relief they need. Find an ENT near you to discuss scheduling a myringotomy procedure in McKinney, Texas.

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What Is Myringotomy?

Myringotomy is a surgical procedure in which a surgeon makes a small incision in the eardrum to drain fluid buildup. The surgeon then inserts small silicone tubes to widen the natural eustachian tubes. These artificial tubes prevent future fluid buildup, thus reducing the risk of future ear infections. The tube inserts should be removed within two years if they don’t fall out on their own.

Myringotomy is a quick, outpatient procedure that typically lasts just 15 minutes. It causes little to no pain, and your child can go home on the same day of surgery.

Possible post-surgery risks include the following:

  • Bleeding
  • Infection
  • Hearing loss
  • Eardrum scarring
  • Need for a second surgery

Reasons to Have a Myringotomy

Your child’s ENT may recommend a myringotomy for a few reasons:

  • To restore hearing loss resulting from fluid buildup in the eardrum, which can cause delayed speech development and even hearing loss
  • To widen your child’s natural eustachian tubes to prevent future fluid buildup and ear infections
  • To treat an ear infection that doesn’t subside with alternative medical treatments
  • To collect a sample of ear fluid to test for bacteria or other infections
Myringotomy & Tube Insertion

How to Prepare for Your Myringotomy

Follow these three simple steps before the day of your child’s myringotomy procedure:

  1. Don’t give your child any food or drink after midnight the night before the surgery, unless their doctor instructs otherwise.
  2. Provide your child’s doctor with a list of any medications they take, both prescription and over-the-counter.
  3. Notify your child’s doctor of any notable events in their health history.

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