Methodist McKinney Hospital Introduces Highly Advanced CT Scanner

June 13th 2022, McKinney, TX — Methodist McKinney Hospital is thrilled to announce its launch of the new 64-slice Siemens Somatom CT scanner. This cutting edge technology offers highly advanced image quality, resulting in greater accuracy and key to early detection.

The Siemens Somatom CT scanner comes fully equipped with innovative technology that provides enhanced imaging, reduced radiation exposure and faster scan times.

Key technical components include:
Twin spiral dual-energy technology enhances the quality and clarity of images produced during each scan. High spatial resolution enables the CT scanner to zoom in on small details that standard CT scanners may not detect.
Tin Filter technology reduces beam hardening artifacts and optimizes the contrast between soft tissue and air. This is particularly beneficial for advanced lung and colon imaging as well as for bony structures. Orthopedic patients can benefit greatly from cleaner 3D bones images.

Dose reduction technology, also known as CareDose 4D, modulates the radiation exposure based on patient’s size and the body part being scanned. CareDose 4D protects both medical personnel and patients from unnecessary radiation exposure during the scanning process.

The CT scanner is also equipped with a stellar detector to significantly reduce the amount of electronic noise produced by the equipment allowing for a quieter, more enjoyable scanning experience for patients.

Featuring single-click readiness technology, the CT scanners collects patient scans and produces high-quality images with the click of a button. It’s designed to simplify and speed up the scanning process while helping physicians provide more timely results to their patients.

In addition to the CT Scanner, Methodist McKinney Hospital is home of many more advanced technologies including:

The Siemens Somatom CT scanner boasts numerous benefits to patients and physicians and is a welcomed addition to our list of services.

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