What does ROSA stand for?

Robotic Surgery Assisted

What is the main takeaway about ROSA® Knee System?

Specially trained surgeons use ROSA® Knee to personalize the approach to total knee replacement providing a solution for you & your unique anatomy.

Can any surgeon use ROSA® Knee System?

No. Surgeons are required to receive training to learn how to use ROSA as a tool to provide solutions for each patient’s unique anatomy. So far, one surgeon at Methodist McKinney Hospital is trained and currently utilizing the ROSA technology. There are a few other physicians currently in training and we anticipate more to come on board.

What are the benefits of ROSA® Knee System?

Some of the benefits patients may experience include:

  • Less time under anesthesia in the operating room
  • Reduces blood loss
  • Reduces risk of infection
  • Patients tend to recover faster
  • Improved accuracy, less room for error 

Is every patient a good candidate for ROSA® Knee Replacement?

No, that is up to your physician to decide what works best for your particular condition and health. 

TRUE or FALSE: The surgeon is in a different room controlling the robot during robotic surgery? FALSE.  A common myth about robotic surgery is that the surgeon is performing the procedure from a different room. However, the surgeon always is in the room and the console that is used to control the robot is just a few feet away from the patient.

TRUE or FALSE: Robotic Surgery is more expensive than non-robotic surgery.

FALSE. A common myth about robotic surgery is that it costs A LOT more than traditional surgery and the truth is is that performing a knee replacement robotically is the equivalent price as traditional knee replacement surgery.  There is no additional cost to patient.

To learn more about ROSA® Knee System please visit our website.

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