Concierge medicine is a relatively new approach to healthcare delivery in which primary care physicians significantly limit their practices to fewer patients in order to spend more time and care with each one. Appointments are easier and more flexible. Extra time and services are offered for personalized, proactive care. The doctor dedicates extra time to listen to you, research your problems and contact the right specialists. The annual membership fee covers these practice enhancements, which are not covered by insurance or Medicare. In many concierge practices, Medicare and insurance are accepted for medical visits. According to Dr. Bryan Lowery of Frisco Concierge Medicine, “It is a timeless philosophy of quality over quantity.”

Concierge practices often provide members with a 24/7 direct line to the doctor, as Dr. Lowery’s practice does. Concierge practices usually include a personalized multi-faceted annual wellness plan and require payment for office visits, labs, etc. and file with your insurance and Medicare.

A concierge internal medicine physician may only accept adult patients, but as a board-certified family practice physician, Dr. Lowery aims to accommodate patients ages 10-110 in every stage of life. Membership is welcome to individuals, couples, single people of all ages, even entire families with adult children and grandchildren. Many patients are local to North Texas, but others often rely on phone and email access to Dr. Lowery from their homes or businesses elsewhere, even abroad.

When you sign up for a concierge medicine, you will benefit from a customized health approach founded on your close relationship with your doctor. In addition to more one-on-one time a concierge doctor will also communicate with you directly at your convenience via phone, text or e-mail anytime. Your concierge physician becomes your personal advocate assisting in specialist referrals, treatment options, and complex medical issues.

About The Author

Dr. Bryan Lowery is a dedicated family doctor from Frisco Concierge Medicine, with nearly 20 years experience who is passionate about caring for his hometown community. Frisco Concierge Medicine is reimagined primary care, but also an old-fashioned partnership between you and your doctor. Dr. Lowery’s practice offers its members personal health resources for diet and lifestyle, beyond a typical concierge practice. A Certified Health Coach is on staff at Frisco Concierge Medicine providing complimentary health coaching for members. Personalized programs and sessions for each individual address the goals they’ve established with their concierge doctor.

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