Do you experience pain every day? Is hip or knee pain keeping you from doing the things you love, like playing with your kids or grandchildren?

Living with joint pain isn’t just uncomfortable, it can also be life-changing in all the wrong ways. Luckily, people who suffer from knee or hip pain have several treatment options available to them that are intended to restore their quality of life. Physical therapy and nerve ablation are two options that can alleviate pain and restore the quality of life in some instances.

Unfortunately, more radical treatment is needed for some patients. And that treatment may be a partial or total knee or hip replacement.

A New Approach to Partial and Total Knee and Hip Replacements

While the thought of undergoing surgery is enough to strike fear in the hearts and minds of many patients, it shouldn’t. Instead, the notion of a partial or total knee or hip replacement should be seen as a gateway to a pain-free, fully engaged life.

As is the case in many industries, advancements are always being made in the field of medicine. Never content to be satisfied with how things have been done in the past, the medical community has developed a new way to perform partial and full knee and hip replacements – advanced robotic surgery.

With Mako Robotic surgery, the orthopedic surgeons at Methodist McKinney Hospital are able to restore your quality of life faster than what’s possible with conventional procedures. Using the Mako Robotic system, our surgeons will create a 3D model of your knee or hip and they’ll develop a surgical plan that’s customized to you individually.

During your procedure, the Mako Robotic system will provide your surgeon with real-time feedback that will enable your doctor to precisely position your new joint. Because this system enables your doctor to operate with such precision, your new joint will last longer.

The Benefits of Mako Robotic Surgery

A joint that will last longer isn’t the only benefit that it provides. Compared to traditional methods, Mako Robotic surgery also provides the following benefits:

  • Improved outcomes
  • Results that feel more natural
  • Expedited recovery
  • Faster relief from pain
  • Shorter hospital stays, with some patients returning home the same day they have their procedure
  • Increased range of motion post-op
  • Smaller incisions and reduced scarring

With so many benefits, you may think that Mako Robotic surgery probably costs a lot more than conventional knee and hip replacement surgeries, but that’s not the case. In general, a Mako Robotic surgery is no more expensive than a standard hip or knee replacement surgery.

Schedule a Consultation Today

If you’re experiencing knee or hip pain daily and other treatment methods haven’t relieved your discomfort, you may be a candidate for advanced robotic surgery. To see if you’re eligible for this kind of procedure, we invite you to schedule a consultation with one of our highly-skilled orthopedic surgeons.

We are open and operating. For the safety of our patients, visitors and staff during this time, we are taking additional precautionary measures and following guidelines recommended by CDC to ensure the safety and well-being of everyone.

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