Can Colds or Flu Cause a Hernia?

Can colds or flu cause a hernia?  The answer is yes!  One of the most common causes for developing an abdominal hernia is coughing. More so than straining or lifting, having a strong, chronic cough can result in a painful hernia. We definitely see an increase in these in our clinic in the spring months as a result of coughing brought on by a cold or flu sickness.

What is a hernia? A hole, or defect, in a muscle through which another organ or tissue protrudes. We can be born with them or they can develop after surgery or from coughing or straining. Unfortunately, there is no exercise or physical therapy to heal these.  Surgery is the only way to repair a hernia defect and restore normal anatomy. Fortunately, hernia surgery can usually be performed with minimally invasive techniques using 2 or 3 tiny incisions with less discomfort and an outpatient stay.

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Dr. Steve Duffy and his practice team specialize in hernia repairs — from simple groin hernias that 11% of adults will develop at some point in life and up to highly complex abdominal wall reconstructions. Dr. Duffy has given lectures to other surgical colleagues on the topic of complex hernia repair and is a recognized specialist in the treatment of this very common problem.   Do you suspect you may have a hernia?  Click here to learn more about Dr.Duffy or give Advanced Surgical of North Texas office today at 972-433 -0673 to schedule an evaluation.

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