At Methodist McKinney Hospital, we are more than medicine. We are family!

At Methodist McKinney Hospital, we strive for a culture that treats not only our patients as family, but also our staff and physicians. With that being said, we have taken it one step further and now can say that we truly are family (no really).

Darell Blocker, RN has served as a registered nurse at the Emergency Room of Methodist McKinney Hospital for over three years and his older brother (by only 18 months), Dr. David Blocker, is a newly credentialed doctor now working on the weekends in the ER.

“Methodist McKinney Hospital is such a fantastic place to work, I just had to bring David over into my Methodist family because I knew it would be such a great fit for him,” said Darell Blocker, RN.

Both David and Darell chose a life of service prior to joining the Methodist McKinney family. Darell was in the U.S. Coast Guard for 5.5 years and David is currently on active duty as an Aerospace Medicine Advisor to the Air Force Medical Operations Agency at Joint Base San Antonio. He is set to retire from the Air Force this summer, marking 21 years in service.

Darell and David are the oldest of four kids and grew up just outside of Fort Worth in San Angelo, Texas. They have always been the best of friends while growing up and now that they have a chance to work at the same place, they are enjoying creating new memories.

“Working with Darell and the fantastic Methodist McKinney Hospital staff is like a dream come true,” said Dr. David Blocker. “The last time I worked with Darell was when we sold shaved ice together in junior high. Now we meet up over coffee at shift change and he is introducing me to the staff and showing me the ropes.”

There have been plenty of famously successful sibling partnerships in history, such as the Wright or Disney brothers, and now we can add to that list our very own Blocker brothers.

Family, it’s #whoweare.

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