Advanced Robotic Surgery at Methodist McKinney Hospital

There is no denying the advancements that modern technology has brought into the field of medicine.

One such advancement is being practiced by Methodist McKinney Hospital orthopedic surgeons, who can now perform advanced robotic surgery with the help of robotic arms. They can control these arms via computers.

People who lead an active lifestyle tend to face several injuries throughout their lifetime. A majority of these injuries can be treated with the help of an orthopedic specialist. But if standard orthopedic care proves ineffective in the recovery process, and partial or total joint replacement surgery is necessary; Methodist McKinney Hospital’s orthopedic and sports medicine experts offer advanced robotic surgery as an option to address joint replacement. Here’s why you should choose us:

Improved Precision With Advanced Robotic Surgery

Traditional joint replacement surgeries involve  longer recovery times. Methodist McKinney Hospital has advanced robotic surgical instruments to assist surgeons in performing joint replacement surgeries with precision. This leads to less scarring, muscle and tissue disruption. 

Lesser Pain

After a traditional surgery, patients feel extreme pain. Painkillers reduce the intensity of pain, but patients are confined to bed for at least a week.

However, when it comes to Methodist McKinney Hospital’s advanced robotic surgery, you’ll feel less pain. You’ll also be discharged after a brief stay at the hospital. You can get rid of the pain in no time and return to your active lifestyle.

Minimal Blood Loss

If you’ve ever received traditional surgical treatment, you may be aware already that patients tend to feel weakness after the procedure. It’s because they lose blood during the surgery. Not only does it lead to weakness, it also slows down the recovery process. But when you opt for our robotic surgery, the blood loss can be minimal.

Quick Recovery Time

Traditionally, patients were advised to avoid putting stress on the body joint where surgery was performed. The patients were affected since they couldn’t participate in everyday activities. As a result, they found the recovery process to be long and tedious.

We understand that our patents can’t afford to stay away from their daily routine for long. This is the reason why they usually delay the treatment procedure for as long as they can. However, it’s an unsafe practice that augments the problem.

With Methodist McKinney Hospital’s advanced robotic surgery, you need not worry about lengthy recovery times. As compared to traditional surgical treatments, robotic surgery gives better clinical results. Patients report being able to walk without assistance in days, not weeks.

Methodist McKinney Hospital’s advanced robotic surgery is a modern and effective way to address partial and total joint replacement. Contact our experts today to learn more about the benefits of advanced robotic surgery.

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