Exercise: The Ortho Alternative

With orthopedic surgeries becoming more common due to procedural and technological advancements, the appeal to those suffering from orthopedic injuries has increased significantly. Yet, surgery is not necessarily the only solution for the ortho pain you may be experiencing. During most surgical consultations, various alternatives may be recommended, one of which is a natural, comprehensive remedy: exercise.


While exercise is not necessarily the end-all for every situation, there are numerous orthopedic issues that exercise can lessen the effect of or help rehabilitate completely. It can also grant improved mobility and help prevent orthopedic issues from developing in the future.


At Methodist McKinney Hospital, our orthopedic surgeons will examine all treatment options with you if you’re experiencing ortho pain or ailments of any type.  At that time, they’ll recommend potential alternatives to help you retake your health and wellbeing, some of which may include the following:


Daily Stretches – Stretching on a daily basis can help prevent certain conditions from forming but can also alleviate pain in the joints and back. While stretching best acts as preventative maintenance for the body, it can help the major muscle groups and musculoskeletal system resist damage or injury. Practicing yoga is also a healthy habit when it comes to stretching routines.


Bicycling – Cycling is a wonderful way to help keep your body active with relatively low impact. For varying forms of orthopedic pain, light stationary cycling can work wonders for arthritis of the joints and bone disease like osteoporosis. Pedaling also helps build bone and muscle, further strengthening the body and improving blood flow and preventing injury.


Swimming/Water Training – For individuals suffering from any number of orthopedic or musculoskeletal issues, water training and swimming are two of the best methods of exercise. Water acts as a gentle form or resistance for the body with low impact on the joints, muscles and spine. Often times, water activities will be recommended for individuals as an alternative to surgery but also as a form of rehabilitation post-surgery, especially with total joint replacements.


Weight-Bearing Exercise – There are certain situations where light weight and resistance workouts are encouraged. Some of these situations are when a patient has undergone a total joint replacement, have reoccurring issues with arthritis or suffer from weakened bones. Although even with low amounts of weight, it’s always important to ensure that any exercises that are recommended are being performed properly. Weighted movement is wonderful for the body, but only if done properly.


If you’re at a point where you’re considering having orthopedic surgery, don’t go another day living with pain. Contact our specialists at Methodist McKinney Hospital and they’ll be happy to discuss all options with you and explore some possible alternatives as well. For the most comprehensive and considerate healthcare, trust Methodist McKinney Hospital.



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