Goal of Men’s Health Week

May 31, 1994.

On that date, Senate Joint Resolution 179 was signed by President Bill Clinton, which effectively named the week leading up to Father’s Day as Men’s Health Week. Serving as a reminder to heighten awareness of preventable health problems in both men and boys, Men’s Health Week is nationally recognized and celebrated by scheduling preventative screenings of all types, including blood pressure, cholesterol and cancer.

Although medicine and technology have advanced significantly since the bill was signed, males still have a lower life span than that of their female counterparts by nearly 6 years, with leading contributors for male death in the United States being heart disease, colorectal, prostate and testicular cancer.

While many factors go in to mortality of men being sooner than women, there are numerous ways for men and boys to significantly diminish their chances or falling victim to disease or illness:

  • Encourage healthier lifestyles/eating habits
  • Schedule greater frequency of physician visits
  • Taking less risks at younger and middle age
  • Greater health and awareness education through childhood/adulthood

At Methodist McKinney Hospital, we can help you or the men in your life stay healthy this year and every year. With highly trained urologists, cardiologists, colorectal physicians, a 24-hour emergency department and full imaging department, we can help you with the proper screening and early detection needed.

This June, make sure to wear blue and take the appropriate actions for promoting men’s health!



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