Custom-Fit Knee Replacement Surgery in North Texas

Methodist McKinney Hospital Supports Cutting Edge Technologies Effecting Joint Replacement Candidates

Are you suffering from knee pain? Has your doctor told you it’s time for surgery? Did you know that doctors (within the US) perform more than 600,000 knee replacement surgeries each year?

Many people who are faced with pending knee replacement surgery are worried about not only the recovery process, but how their knee will function afterwards. Dr. Mehta of Comprehensive Orthopaedics & Rehabilitation is among a few select surgeons in the United States to begin performing minimally-invasive, state-of-the-art, Custom-Fit knee replacement procedures.

Dr. Mehta utilizes a new technique where a specialized MRI scan is fed into a computer that creates a 3D virtual model of the patient’s knee. These custom-made plastic templates are based on the anatomy of each individual patient’s knee and is used by Dr. Mehta and his team to recreate the computer simulation in the real patient’s knee. This MRI-guided technique results some major benefits to the patient including:

  • Removal of less bone
  • Less muscle cuts
  • Restoration of natural anatomy
  • Retention of important ligaments
  • Less time in surgery
  • Reduced blood loss
  • Reduced hospital stay
  • Faster recovery time
  • Less pain

This innovative technique has grown into other joint replacement surgeries, such as hip and ankle. These techniques, along with passionate physicians, are improving the lives of patients and getting them back to their active lifestyles with less pain and in less time.

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