Community Spotlight: Kristja Falvo – McKinney YMCA (part I)

Tell us about yourself and your background in health and wellness?

In have been a certified aerobics instructor for over 25 years.  In addition, I was certified with ACSM as a Health Fitness instructor.  I’ve worked in the wellness field for 20 years, first as a the Wellness Director and Ropes Course Director at Rogers State College in Claremore Oklahoma.  I’ve worked with the YMCA for the past 9 years.  My focus has been to encourage physical activity so that as we age, we are still able to perform life functions such as opening a milk carton or lifting a grocery bag when we are in our 90’s.  Encouraging health and wellness does not mean that you have to run a marathon, but that you are physically active so you have cardio vascular health and strong muscles and bones.

How are you and the organization or business you work with working to keep the people of McKinney and its surrounding communities healthy and able to prevent injuries?

The YMCA’s focus on energizing healthy living includes programs in fitness for cardio vascular health, strength and flexibility.  Our classes range from Zumba to Yoga and our wide variety of classes can meet the need of both the beginner to the advanced exerciser.  We encourage a variety of classes so that our members can work on all muscle groups.  Our yoga classes build strength and enhance flexibility.  In addition, we offer a mobile fit program the provides members with the opportunity to interact with one of our personal trainers anytime.  We encourage that personal connection.

The YMCA has programs in place for those individuals who want to become healthy or have started an exercise program and then have stopped.  We call these people “Health Seekers.”  We visit with our members to get to know them and to find out what they like to do rather than what we think they should do.  Then we connect them with an instructor or another member who has something in common with them.  We create small communities within our membership so that our members can get to know each other and encourage each other.

I have facilitated workshops on topics to encourage physical activity to community members and various organizations.

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