Collin County Prepares for 2014 West Nile

West Nile Virus Information

Skeeter Beaters: Mosquito Central

Latest News on West Nile Virus in Collin County

Final 2013 Report: The last report from the 2013 WNV season released from the County Health Care Department.Regular status reports for this year will be posted here soon!
How to Beat the Skeet(ers)

More information about WNV, how to help keep mosquitoes away from your home, and the best ways to prevent getting bit and contracting WNV:

Fact Sheet

Basic information that you can read, print out and share.

The 4 DsThe most effective way to avoid contracting WNV. And it’s so easy and inexpensive too.

5 x 5

Keep the annoying pests away from your house and community by following these easy steps.

Our Partners

We’re teaming up with our neighbors to help control WNV this summer, not only here in our county but all throughout north Texas.

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