Back & Spine Surgery

Do you need relief from neck or lower back pain? Spine surgery might be the right solution for you. The surgeons at Methodist McKinney Hospital treat various spine and nerve conditions to alleviate pain and improve mobility. Don’t spend another day living in chronic pain. Find a spine expert near you today.

Different Types of Spine Surgery

If non-surgical treatments don’t relieve your chronic back or neck pain, spine surgery might be necessary. These are the spine surgeries we perform most frequently:

Spinal Fusion: Vertebrae can rub together and cause back pain. A spinal fusion connects two adjacent vertebrae to stop painful friction and stabilize the spine.
Discectomy: This is a decompressive procedure in which the damaged herniated disc is removed to relieve pressure on the spinal cord and spinal nerves. Some surgeons also perform a bone fusion to stabilize the vertebrae.
Laminectomy: This is a lumbar decompression surgery that treats spinal stenosis, which is a narrowing spinal canal. The lamina puts pressure on the spine, which causes pain. This procedure creates more space in the spinal canal to relieve that pressure.

Why You Should Choose Methodist McKinney Hospital for Your Spine Surgery

If you want to schedule a spine surgery in McKinney, Texas, Methodist McKinney Hospital is the name you can trust for exceptional patient care and satisfaction. As McKinney’s center for surgical excellence, we’re home to an award-winning preferred physician network, top-of-the-line staff, and a positive workplace culture. Our team performs spine surgeries using minimally invasive techniques with cutting-edge robotic technology, ensuring greater precision and quicker recovery times.

Never choose less than the best for your health. Schedule your surgery at Methodist McKinney Hospital to experience the best staff, best doctors, and best care around.

Meet Our Spine Surgeons

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