Exercising During The Summer Time: How To Keep Cool

There are risks when it comes to exercising in the hot weather and in Texas that means you need to be aware of the risks starting in June. As we approach summer, it is important to think about preventing dehydration and heat-related illnesses. According to...

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Flip Flops Should Be Temporary

We are just a few days away from summer (official start is June 21) and yet most of us have had our flip flops on for several weeks. Over the years, flip flops have gone from casual beach shoes to fashionable accessories that can be dressed up or dressed...

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June is National Safety Month – Drive Safely

At Methodist McKinney Hospital we are always concerned with the safety of our patients, physicians and staff. We thought we would highlight the importance of safety in honor of National Safety Month, we are focusing on driving safely since everyone can...

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Obesity – Are you hoarding your weight?

We are all aware of the obesity epidemic affecting our country and the benefits of losing weight are well documented and profound.  For years the answer to weight loss in the medical community was “eat less and exercise more” but studies show that to lose...

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Can Colds or Flu Cause a Hernia?

Can colds or flu cause a hernia?  The answer is yes!  One of the most common causes for developing an abdominal hernia is coughing. More so than straining or lifting, having a strong, chronic cough can result in a painful hernia. We definitely see an...

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Risks of Wearing the Wrong Shoes for Running

You throw on a pair of sneakers and head out the door for your daily run. Did you know that those shoes may be causing serious injury to not only your feet, but also your hips, knees, and back? Running is a great way for you to stay healthy, but the wrong...

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Outpatient Ortho Surgery

Do you experience pain every day? Is hip or knee pain keeping you from doing the things you love, like playing with your kids or grandchildren?Living with joint pain isn’t just uncomfortable, it can also be life-changing in all the wrong ways. Luckily,...

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Sports Medicine Care and Checkups

Whether it’s a child or an adult, participating in sports provides some meaningful benefits to the participant. Team sports teaches people discipline, dedication, hard work, and teamwork, for example. While those are great lessons that can serve you well throughout...

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The Differences Between Physical and Occupational Therapy

If you’ve been told that you may need therapy to facilitate your recovery from an illness, injury or surgery, you might be wondering what kind of therapy you need. In general, there are two kinds of therapy available, physical and occupational therapy. Around the time...

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