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How well are you sleeping? Do You Experience…

• Loud or Excessive Snoring
• High Blood Pressure
• Trouble Falling or Staying Asleep
• A Low Sex Drive Depression
• Headaches
• Chronic Leg Pain
• A Constant Feeling of Being Tired or Fatigued

What to Expect When You Arrive At Our McKinney Sleep Lab

Typically, we have you arrive at either 8:30pm or 9:30pm at our location. Please eat dinner before arriving at the Sleep Lab as we do not have any food service in our facility. Please be sure to bring your pajamas, any toiletries you need, and a change of clothes. It’s like preparing for a sleepover with friends! For convenience we have a shower and bathroom facilities equipped with bath towels.

Once you arrive, we will get you settled in your hotel-like room. You will be asked by our friendly staff to change into your night clothes and then monitors will be applied to you head, neck and extremities. You most likely won’t get the best night of sleep, but these monitors do no hurt and there are no needles involved! You can relax and unwind by watching TV or reading a book and once settled the lights will be turned off. As you drift off to sleep, our sleep technicians will monitor all of the information being collected, including brain waves to determine which stage of sleep you are in, air flow from the mouth and nose, oxygen saturation levels, respiratory rate, heart rate, body position, eye movements, snoring sounds, leg movements, and breathing events. When you awake in the morning, the monitors will be gently removed so that you can get ready and return to your normal day.

Our Services

• Customized Treatment Plans
• One-on-One Care & Support
• Sleep Equipment & Supplies
• Patient Compliance Program

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Following your diagnosis, a customized treatment plan will be developed for you by the clinical team at Craig Ranch Sleep Lab. This plan may consist of follow-up appointments with our physicians, prescription medications, nutritional supplements or specialized equipment such as a CPAP or Bi-PAP machine. During your treatment, our clinical team will communicate with your referring physician to keep them informed about your treatment and overall progress. Craig Ranch Sleep Lab is here to provide you with ongoing support, so you can Sleep Well and Live Better.
• Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA)
• Insomnia
• Restless Leg Syndrome
• Narcolepsy

Our Sleep Lab offers a multidisciplinary sleep medicine team dedicated to the assessment, diagnosis and comprehensive treatment of your sleep disorder. Our state-of-the-art sleep center and specialty clinic is conveniently located and staffed by credentialed sleep professionals and equipped with the latest technology. 


The Board Certified sleep physicians at our Sleep Lab work together with our credentialed practitioners and technicians to provide you with the highest level of care—an entire clinical team focused on improving your sleep and overall health.
When a sleep disorder is suspected, your physician will refer you to our Craig Ranch Sleep Lab for further assessment, diagnosis and treatment. Typically, the first step in confirming the presence of a sleep disorder is undergoing a non-invasive sleep study. This simple overnight test provides our clinical team with a look into your sleep patterns—confirming the presence, type and severity of the sleep disorder.


Helping you manage your sleep disorder is our number one priority. Whether your customized treatment plan includes prescribed medications, nutritional supplements or the use of a CPAP machine or other related equipment, our sleep lab stands ready to assist you every step of the way. We provide complete support for CPAP and Bi-PAP users including a selection of new equipment and supplies that utilize the latest sleep technology. 
• CPAP & Bi-PAP Machines 
• Masks, Tubing & Supplies 
• Complete Customer Support


McKinney Location

McKinney Location:

8000 Eldorado Pkwy
McKinney, TX 75070

8000 W. Eldorado Parkway Building C, Suite C
McKinney, TX 75070
Tel: 214-491-5710
Fax: 972-212-6443

Raj Kakar, M.D., M.P.H., D.ABSM, FACP

Medical Director

Dallas Sleep

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