Understanding Hospital Charges, Billing, and Payment

Methodist Craig Ranch Surgery Center is committed to fulfilling its mission to provide quality and compassionate health care services to people from all walks of life.  Our goal is to help you understand the charge, billing, and payment process prior to your visit so you can make an informed decision regarding your health care out of pocket costs.

In most cases, financial arrangements and insurance verification are confirmed with the patient prior to or at hospital registration.  As a patient of Methodist Craig Ranch Surgery Center and a partner of our health care team, it is your responsibility to pay for the health care services provided to you. 

We’ve kept registration, consultation, and even surgery as simple and streamlined as they can be and we’re keeping our bill pay system simple, too.

Methodist Craig Ranch Surgery Center is pleased to offer convenient, secure online bill pay, which is designed to eliminate misunderstandings and questions while keeping the payment process clear and easy-to-follow. Not to mention, it’s nice to forego paper checks and postage and to have the convenience of 24/7 service.

Online bill pay utilizes a secure online portal that integrates with our system in real time, so your account and payment information is kept safe and your payments are processed quickly. Please know any payment made after normal business hours will not be posted until the next business day.

In addition to printing your receipt, we encourage you to verify with us by phone or email that that your payment has posted, particularly if your payment is made after normal business hours. Feel free to contact us directly with questions relating to your account or online payment: 972-569-4500.

Click the button below to make an online payment:

Methodist Craig Ranch Surgery Center fees cover the use of the surgery center, and do not include laboratory, pathology, surgeon, anesthesiologist or certified nurse anesthetist fees, nor does it include the cost of any implants used for your surgery. You will be billed separately for these fees.

Please let us know prior to your surgery if you need help making special financial arrangements; we’re happy to discuss alternative payment methods with you.

  • Co-pays and deductibles will be due on the day of your surgery.
  • For patients with no insurance coverage, or for those having cosmetic surgery, all fees will be due in advance.
  • We’re happy to accept cash, cashier’s checks, credit cards and personal checks with valid identification.

Please work with our team before, during and after your surgery so that we can coordinate the process of filing and managing your insurance claims. Our team will take their time to walk you through every aspect of billing and payment, ensuring your understand your coverage and any co-pays, deductibles or differences you may owe.

We request that, on the day of your procedure, you bring your current insurance, Medicare or public assistance card, for both primary and secondary insurances.

Disclaimer:  Methodist Craig Ranch Surgery Center makes no guarantees regarding the charge information provided on this website.  The charge information is strictly an estimate of charges and Methodist Craig Ranch Surgery Center cannot guarantee the estimates because patient services may vary by patient due to physician treatment decisions, unforeseen complications, additional tests or services ordered by your physician, and the needs of each individual patient.  In addition, estimates may change based on your contracted insurance benefits or pending state/federal program aid.