Pediatric Services



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  • Orthopedic Treatment & Surgery
  • Emergency Department Services
  • Sedated Imaging Services

Surgery can be an overwhelming time for pediatric patients and parents. Not only does the prospect of surgery create uncertainty and stress for children, but parents and immediate family are also significantly affected by the thought. It’s our priority to make this time be as stress-free as possible. Children have unique needs and we are here to accommodate them and make the experience go as smoothly as possible.

Parents are encouraged to dress their child in a two-piece outfit and bring any comfort items that may help make the process easier, such as a pacifier, blanket, or stuffed animal. Your child will be able to take these items into the operating room and will have them immediately following surgery.

During surgery, parents will be required to keep close by the entire time the child is in the hospital. We ask that parents do not leave the hospital, even while the child is in surgery.